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Lir's rule-based search technology

  • Reduce the time customer service staff spend on the telephone
  • Reduce time between customer enquiry and customer purchase
  • Promote particular goods, services or special offers
  • Rules are added by your staff who understand your business and its marketplace not by expensive systems analysts
Case Study
TIRA: The Intelligent Reservations Agent

Lir in action at TeeTime Scotland

Teetime Scotland

Not searching, finding

After escaping the clutches of one of Ireland 'business angels' (who turned out to be the devil in disguise!), Lir Technology has emerged with proven, easy-to-implement internet search technology which is already proving its worth in several online applications.

Some applications of this can be seen in the Lir Technology in Action section. Other manifestations, particularly in the travel sector, are still under wraps but can be shown as demos to interested parties.

If you are interested in how better search technology can create more sales from your e-commerce website, please contact us.